Best Ways To Use Kangen Water

How To Use Kangen Water

There are several ways to use each type of Kangen water ranging from oil emulsification (11.5) all the way to disinfecting surfaces (2.7). Discover the versatile ways each kangen water water type can be used in your household and everyday life:

2.5pH Strong Acidic Water:

  1. Sleep Like a Baby: Sip 1/2-1 ounce before bedtime to release the sleep-inducing Melatonin.
  2. Sparkling Eyes: Rinse your eyes with the magic eye cup soaked in pH 11.5 water, promoting eye health.
  3. Grease Be Gone: Spray 11.5 to soothe and heal tired eyes.
  4. Glamorous Makeup Remover: Wash away the day’s stress and makeup with 11.5 water.
  5. Bye-Bye Puffiness: A spritz of 11.5 helps reduce those morning puffy eyes.
  6. Elevate Your Bath: Add a gallon of 11.5 for a luxurious bath replacing Epsom salts.
  7. Snore No More: Nasal wash with pH 11.5 when sinuses are causing a ruckus.
  8. Bug Battle: Spray or soak areas with 11.5-soaked towels for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  9. Beat the Burn: Combat heat burn, indigestion, and stomach flu with a refreshing gulp of 11.5.
  10. Post-Workout Bliss: Soak those sore muscles in the revitalizing 11.5 water.

Uses For 11.5pH Strong Water:

  • Hangover Helper: A few ounces can be a game-changer when a migraine or hangover looms.
  • Pesticide Purge: Soak fruits and veggies for at least 5 minutes to bid farewell to oil-based pesticides.
  • Eco-Friendly Ice Cubes: Offset acidity in your drinks with Kangen water ice cubes.
  • Meat Marvel: Soak meats for 5-10 minutes for a tenderizing and cleaning effect.
  • Laundry Love: Replace your regular detergent with 11.5 water for a fresh and clean laundry experience.
  • Sleek Silver Polish: Soak and polish your silverware to bring back their shine.
  • Goo-Be-Gone: Tackle sticky situations effortlessly with 11.5.
  • Nuts & Seeds Activation: Soak in 11.5 water to enhance nutritional benefits before consumption.

2.7pH Strong Acidic Water:

Microbe Warrior: Pre-rinse fruits, vegetables, and meat to eliminate pathogens.

Germ-Busting Disinfectant: A multi-purpose solution for disinfecting surfaces.

Hand Hero: Substitute anti-bacterial soap with this pH 2.7 wonder.

Rust & Spot Remover: Say goodbye to hard water spots and rust on chrome and metal.

Facelift in a Bottle: Lift and tighten your skin with a refreshing pH 2.7 facial spray.

Mouth and Gum Magic: Brush with pH 2.7 and restore the natural pH with 9.5 for a healthier mouth.

Wound Wonderland: Clean open wounds daily until healed.

Nature’s Deodorant: Banish odor-causing bacteria with a swipe of pH 2.7 under your arms.

7.0pH Clean Water:

  1. Mealtime Companion: Drink with meals when necessary.
  2. Baby-Friendly Formula: Ideal for making baby formula.
  3. Swift Medication Mixer: Perfect for fast dissolving medications.

6.0pH Beauty Water:

  • Glowing Skin Secret: Cleanse your face twice a day and spray for that extra radiance.
  • Hair Conditioning Elixir: Spritz on hair after showering for a natural conditioning effect.
  • Tone and Firm: Use as a final rinse in the shower for toned and firm skin.
  • Pet Pampering: Give your pets a lustrous coat with a Kangen water bath.
  • Plant Revitalizer: Water your plants for vigorous growth and revive dying ones.
  • Egg-cellent Boiling: Boil eggs and pasta for a tastier outcome.
  • Freeze with Flavor: Spray on foods before freezing to retain their flavor.
  • Window Wonder: Replace Windex with Beauty Water for streak-free windows and mirrors.
  • Floor Elegance: Polish and clean hardwood floors and ceramic tiles.

8.5pH to 9.5pH Water:

Souper Soups: Cook soups with 9.5 water to bring out the flavors.

Smoothie Sensation: Use 9.5 for antioxidant-rich smoothies with intensified flavors.

Stir-Fry Delight: Stir fry with 9.5 for a steaming sensation.

Aroma Oasis: Create an aromatherapy spritzer with herbs in Kangen water for a delightful home fragrance.

Unleash the possibilities with Kangen Water – the key to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle! Dive in and let the transformation begin!