Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of Kangen Water

Deep Dive Into Potential Side Effects

Embarking on the Kangen Water journey sparks curiosity about its effects, both positive and potential side effects. While scientific research on Kangen Water’s side effects is limited, anecdotal evidence suggests a transient period of adjustment for some individuals during the initial weeks of consumption. It’s worth noting that the potential side effects of Kangen Water, similar to alkaline water, remain largely unexplored in the realm of clinical research.

List of Potential Side Effects

1. Alkalosis

2. Mineral Imbalance

3. Digestive Discomfort

4. Interference with Medications

5. Excessive Alkalinity

For many, embracing Kangen Water is a seamless transition into a refreshing hydration experience. However, a subset of users may encounter mild, flu-like symptoms early on, theorized to be a manifestation of the body’s detoxification process. While these theories lack robust clinical validation, the reported symptoms generally diminish as the body acclimates to the enhanced hydration provided by Kangen Water.

One fascinating observation among Kangen Water enthusiasts is the development of a heightened desire for this revitalizing beverage, accompanied by increased frequency of urination. Health experts postulate that this phenomenon might signify a reset in the body’s thirst mechanism, potentially leading to improved hydration, elevated energy levels, and enhanced digestive health. Those who report experiencing these cravings often attest that they naturally diminish within a week.

Strong 11.5pH and 2.7pH Kangen Water

Turning our attention to Kangen Water infused with calcium glycerophosphate (salt water), an electrolysis enhancer offered by Enagic, it’s crucial to underscore potential side effects if you consume significant amounts of it. While deemed safe under medical supervision, improper usage can result in adverse reactions. Nausea and constipation have been identified as common side effects, prompting users to seek immediate medical attention if such symptoms arise.

Note: electrolysis enhancer is only used when making strong Kangen water. Each Kangen water machine will perform a self-cleaning cycle after using the enhancer in order to remove any calcium deposits.

Individuals with a history of kidney stones or low stomach acid are advised to exercise caution, as the use of calcium glycerophosphate may exacerbate existing kidney issues. Preemptive consultation with a healthcare professional is strongly recommended before incorporating Enagic’s calcium glycerophosphate additive into a Kangen Machine.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of health and hydration, understanding the nuances of Kangen Water empowers individuals to make informed choices. However, in any dietary adjustment, consulting with a healthcare professional remains paramount, ensuring a personalized and safe voyage on the path to hydration and vitality.